Best Apps To Help Prevent Wrinkles


Wrinkles are caused by different factors – aging, lifestyle, diet and genetics. There are also some people who develop wrinkles faster than the others. Although there are things that you can’t control, there are also things that you can change with your lifestyle so you can prevent this from happening fast. Here are helpful apps that you can use.

SkinBetter app

This is created in partnership with Allure magazine. It is a free app that analyzes your skin and evaluates it using different categories. It’s an easy app to use because all you need to do is take a selfie and it will show you a black and white image showing brown spots and sun damage. Another image will also show if you have more than average amount of wrinkles. It will then suggest beauty and skincare products that you can use to improve your skin. It works on different skin types too.

Remove Wrinkles Tips

The app explains the causes of wrinkles and how you can prevent wrinkles easily yourself. It is also a free app that you can download and use anytime.

SunSmart App

We all know that too much exposure to the sun can hasten the aging of our skin. This is what the app is for. It lets you know when you do or don’t need protection. You can set a sun protection alert and you will be reminded of the times of the day when you needed sun protection the most. There is also a sunscreen calculator that tells you how much sunscreen that you need to use depending on the time of day, your size and the amount of clothing you have on.

Using these apps will not make your wrinkles disappear like magic. However, it can be your partner in ensuring that you and your skin are protected.