Bet You Never Knew There Was An App For These Things

Funnyy Apps

We are constantly surprised at the new apps coming out every day. Some of them are downright ridicules and others and just ingenious. Below is a list of apps that we had no idea that they actually have apps for these things and really never even thought that one day there would be apps for these.

Drunk Dial No!

This is probably our favorite app from the list. Drunk Dial No! Have you ever gone out on a Friday night and had too many drinks? Probably hey? But have you ever tried calling an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend during this time? Your answer is also probably yes. And if so, this app is for you. It is designed to lock your phone from calling certain people at certain points of the day. So next time you’re out on Friday night and want to call the ex, this app will save you from embarrassing yourself.

Bowel Mover

Yep, there is even an app for your bowel movements! Now we know what you are thinking as we were thinking the same. Why do we want to know what our bowel movements are doing? But in fact there are very good reasons to check your internals for signs of imbalances. So maybe this app is on to something?

How To Get Rid Of Stretch Mark

Bet you never thought that you would get advice for your stretch marks from your phone! Well, for those of you who are suffering from stretch marks, today you actually can. This app suggests their top cures for stretch marks which include home remedies, purchased products, and surgery options. This stretch marks app is actually surprisingly good, especially for something that we never expected that existed.

Paper Racing

Paper Racing is actually a game that you can play single player or play against a friend. And it is a very strange game. Basically you are trying to unroll a toilet paper role as fast as you can. Sound strange? Well it is! Not really sure what the logic is around this game, but I’m pretty sure that there isn’t any!


This is actually a brilliant app as long as your hearing isn’t too sensitive. This app is designed as revenge to your teenagers who sometimes drive you crazy. Annoy-A-Teen transmits a high frequency noise which your teenagers can hear and hate whereas you cannot hear a thing. So you can have a little fun along with a little revenge.