Top Weight Loss Apps

Weight loss apps

These days there seems to be an app for everything! Anything from counting how many steps you did in one day, to a woman’s period tracking app (yes as crazy as it sounds), and then to weight loss apps.

Even with thousands of useless apps flooding the app market each week, there are actually a few good weight loss apps available. Here are our favorites:

Lose It!

This awesome little app is free! It lets you look up the food you are about to eat and track your calories. This way you may have second thoughts before you eat that ice cream. Lose it also allows you to enter your current weight and a goal weight and estimates how many calories you should eat each day. Pretty neat!


These days there are so many foods out there that we think are good for us but in fact are not. This is where Fooducate comes in and is a great app for when you are in the supermarket. Fooducate allows you to scan the barcode of products and actually give you a rating on how good or bad the food is for you. This allows you to quickly and easily choose food that is healthy.

My Fitness Pal

This is a neat little app, it starts of by taking your height, weight, age, and your weight goal. The app then breaks down that goal into smaller goals that need only baby steps to achieve. This will continue until you reach your ideal weight.

If you are not keen on using apps to help you lose weight, there are always the traditional ways to lose weight. You can eat more healthy, exercise more, have meal replacement shakes, or try one of those crazy diet plans that only allow you to eat a certain thing.

Either way the choice is yours, but if you are trying to lose weight, best of luck and hopefully one of these apps can help you in your journey.